Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I was tidying my craft room last night and threw these scraps of designer paper in the bin - for 2 seconds!!  I thought to myslf I must be able to make a card out of these and we all know crafters can't throw ANYTHING away!  So, half an hour later voila!  Any good?


sparklingblackrose said...

Absolutely fabulous cards made using scraps, very clever :-) Elaine xxx

Doreen said...

Two gorgeous cards

Kate M said...

Reminds me of when we first started crafting and we kept the smallest pieces of paper - co s you never know when you mightnneed it!!
Two lovely cards Chris!!

Vee Cassidy said...

How great, Chris. vee xx

Sammylou said...

Proof that all you need is a great imagination and you can make some beautiful cards out of your offcuts x Gorgeous xxx

lyn clark said...

Well Me for one think they look great.I love the flower you must show me how to make one xx